Al-Qaeda fight could last a generation, says Blair

Tony Blair has stated that the fight against Islamism is like the fight against revolutionary communism, and may last a generation

by The Commentator on 3 February 2013 12:16


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has stated that the West's fight against Al-Qaeda is akin to the battle against revolutionary communism and has warned that the battle could last for an entire generation.

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Blair stated that Britain was correct in sending troops to support the French effort in Mali, the latest Western intervention aimed at disturbing Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

Blair noted that the current prime minister, David Cameron, has had difficult decisions to make, but that the cost of disengaging may be far greater than seeing off Al-Qaeda.

When asked about the situation unfolding in Syria, Blair remarked, "I think you at least have to try to shape events in the Middle East. The same is true in Egypt." 

Speaking broadly of Western interventionism, Blair said: "When you look at this over the time since 9/11... we always want a clean result. It's not going to happen like that. It's going to be long and difficult and messy."

"We are certainly talking about a generation" said Blair, explaining that the West should view the fight against Islamism as the fight against revolutionary communism.

"It will happen in many different theatres, it will happen in many different ways but the truth is that you have no option but to confront it, to try over time to defeat it."

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