3,000 EU bureaucrats earn £124,000 or more

Figures from the Netherlands show 3,000 Eurocrats earn 144,000 euros (£124,484) a year, far more than British MPs or Select Committee chairs

by The Commentator on 4 February 2013 09:44


The Dutch Social Affairs Ministry has revealed that 3,000 unelected Brussels bureaucrats earn more than Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's annual salary of 144,000 euros (£124,484), DutchNews.NL reports today.

By comparison, British Prime Minister David Cameron is paid a salary of £142,500, while a cabinet minister earns £134,565. According to earlier reports, more than 1,000 Brussels officials earn more than either the Prime Minister or his ministers.

Most elected British pubic officials, even relatively senior ones, receive far less than the 3,000 Brussels civil servants referred to in the Dutch report. An MP is paid £65,738, and a Select Committee chair gets £80,320.

As Mr. Cameron seeks to persuade Brussels to freeze the EU budget rather than push ahead with further spending increases, the figures will likely be seized upon by eurosceptics in his party.

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