Nigel Farage must be included in televised debates before the general election

The only way to guarantee a proper debate on prior to the 2015 general election is to support Mr. Farage’s inclusion

by Gary Robinson on 4 February 2013 10:12

For once, I agree with Ed Miliband. According to a recent article in The House Parliamentary magazine, the leader of the opposition is not opposed to UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP taking part in televised debates before the next general election.

He is not alone in this – according to a ComRes poll, 54 percent of people believe that Nigel Farage "should be offered the opportunity to take part alongside the other main party leaders" and only one in five – 20 percent - disagree.

The poll conducted by ComRes for the Daily Express, also revealed that 67 percent of Brits would deem Prime Minister David Cameron “a coward if he declined to take part in leader debates in 2015.”

There can be no doubt that the 2010 debates were very interesting, and the 2015 TV debates would be even more stimulating with the addition of the lively Mr. Farage.

As a UKIP member, of course I want our leader involved in these debates. But even if I was not a member, I would still want him to take part. This is because, in my view, you simply cannot have a proper debate about the serious problems facing our nation when all the participants in the debate roughly agree with each other.

True progress can only be made when orthodox views are challenged, put to the test, and analysed from different perspectives. How boring BBC Question Time would be if all the panellists came from the same party!

Whether you agree with UKIP’s views on the EU, crime, HS2 etc., or not, the only way to guarantee a proper debate on these issues is to support Mr. Farage’s inclusion.

If you feel the same way, there is something you can do to make this more likely.

To keep the pressure on the establishment I have created an e-petition which you can find below:

UKIP to be involved in 2015 Televised Debates

The petition has several thousand signatures already and it has until the thirteenth of December 2013 to get the ‘golden’ number of 100,000.

With your help we can make the 2015 televised debates a truly exciting process – one that might just inspire the public to take an interest in politics again. 

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