EXCLUSIVE: "All roads lead to Lebanon". Bulgaria bomb attack report implicates Hezbollah

The Bulgarian government is set to announce that all roads regarding the Burgas bombing "lead to Lebanon", implicating Hezbollah in the atrocity

by The Commentator on 4 February 2013 22:37


Nearly seven months after the bus bombing in Bulgaria that killed six Israeli tourists, the Bulgarian government is set to announce that "all roads lead to Lebanon" in the strongest sign yet that Hezbollah was the key perpetrator behind the attack.

The Commentator has exclusively learned that today, the Bulgarian government will implicate, though likely not name the terrorist group Hezbollah in its report on the 2012 bus bombing that has been the subject of much speculation over the past six months.

The Commentator has learned that both the German and French governments have both piled pressure on the Bulgarians to "use nuanced language" in the report, for fear that Bulgaria may be the focus of future attacks if Hezbollah is openly named.

The Bulgarian government, it has been stated by leading sources, has been informed through ‘back channels’ that there will be serious repercussions from Hezbollah if it is to publically and overtly name the group. This information comes despite strong pressure from the US government to make clear that the bombing was indeed the work of the Lebanese terrorist outfit.

To date, Hezbollah in its entirety is not proscribed by the United Kingdom, nor by the European Union, a move that it still not thought to be forthcoming despite the latest revelations.

The report was signed off by Bulgaria's National Security Council last night and then sealed by the President. The timing of its official release is said to be "mid morning" GMT. Sources claim the report may also point to Iranian involvement in the attack, though it is unclear yet as to whether this is simply funding related or otherwise.

The Commentator reported in January this year that Hezbollah was due to be blamed for the attack, though sources close to the Bulgarian government were quick to deny this given the security risks involved. 

Pressure is now set to mount on the British government, as well as the Europeans, to issue a blanket ban on the group that as yet is only fully proscribed by a handful of states including America, Israel, Canada, Egypt, the Netherlands and Bahrain. Currently, the British government only proscribes the 'military wing' of the 'party of God', a distinction which critics argue is farcical, given the nature of the group's structure.

Recently we reported that Hezbollah, in a defiant act against the West, is hosting its websites in the United Kingdom.

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