Britain's PM hasn't visited Israel in seven years

Isn't it about time you hopped on a plane to the Middle East, Mr Prime Minister?

Has it really been seven years?
The Commentator
On 6 February 2013 10:49

Apparently, the world is convinced. The point is consistently being made, by Ban Ki Moon especially, that 2013 is a 'year for action'.

While the minds of foreign affairs buffs will jump quickly to Iran and its nuclear programme, the United Nations chief and his contemporaries around the world are in fact referring to the Israeli-Palestinian question. What that question is exactly, is often disputed.

Barack Obama of course is in precisely the same camp as Mr. Moon, asserting that this year heralds a final chance to secure a two-state solution. Up to a point, we are inclined to agree, though the stumbling blocks of Palestinian rejectionism and settler activity are hardly matters that can be resolved in such a short period of time. At least one side, we have consistently pointed out, is willing to come to the table without preconditions.

We also have our disagreements with the proposition in question. We've heard it all before, going on decades now, that the end of the conflict is either in sight, or so far into the distance that it has apparently circumnavigated the globe and tapped us on our shoulders from behind. The latter, we are to believe, now appears to be the case.

With world leaders bound to action, despite an increasingly complex international climate (wars in Africa, Islamists with F-16s, Europe no further from economic demise and Asian entanglements that threaten armed conflicts), are we to assume that leaders will make good on their promises of sovereignty for the Palestinian people, and security for the State of Israel?

Britain has a long and somewhat embarrassing history with regard to the Middle East conflict. Our politics is easily misled, our media is often overtly biased and public opinion is apathetic at best, and hostile to the Jewish state in most cases. These are, of course, symptoms of the long-peddled untruths by those that refer to themselves as the 'pro-Palestinian' lobby. These groups masquerade as peaceniks yet insist upon their logos being Palestinian flags draped across Israel in its entirety, and their unofficial anthem remaining, "From the river to the sea".

It is perhaps no wonder then, that our own Prime Minister has, as yet, failed to visit Israel or indeed the Palestinian territories during his premiership. In fact, the last time David Cameron took a trip that way was in 2006, long before he had even assumed leadership of the Conservative party in opposition, let alone as the British PM.

So, while the frothing 'activists' continue to make the claim that the Israel lobby (or "Jewish lobby", if you ask some of them) controls our politics and indeed our world, it seems that 'the Jews' have not even yet managed to get Cameron to visit Israel in an official capacity. Some lobby! Perhaps it's down to we "goyim" to make the case.

As Barack Obama announces his plans to visit both Israel and the Palestinian territories, we urge the Prime Minister to either join him or to take a trip of his own this year.

Politicians can scarcely help mouthing off about places they've never visited and people they haven't seen in years. As Cameron enters the seventh year since he last visited the region we must insist: isn't it about time you hopped on a plane to the Middle East, Mr. Prime Minister? And no, not to sell arms to the Saudis this time, please.

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