Argentine foreign minister, "UK should listen to UN... but we don't have to"

Watch and share our video of the Argentinian foreign minister's glaring hypocrisy over the Falklands and Argentinian debt

by The Commentator on 6 February 2013 17:07

We were sent footage of the Argentinian Foreign Minister's visit to the British Parliament. Interestingly, he's as much of a hypocrite as his boss, Cristina Kirchner (who'd have thought?!)

Watch his glaring and brazen-faced attempt to lecture Britain on the debate over the Falklands, telling us we should 'come to the table' because the United Nations said so. Meanwhile, Argentina continues to avoid 'coming to the table' over its debts, as the IMF (a UN institution) has insisted.

Oh yeah, and we protested outside too. Funsies.

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