"Lazy socialists" use government advertising budget to propagandise against government cuts

Lambeth Council in South London has been using public funds to advertise against the government's benefit reforms

by Media Hawk on 7 February 2013 11:42

Last week, the Brixton blog noted that Lambeth Council has begun a new initiative using government funds to propagandise against benefit cuts.

The Labour-run council in South London is using taxpayer funds to promote a new poster that reads, "On Benefit? The government are [sic] making cuts". The Evening Standard today reports local government minister Brandon Lewis's condemnation of Lambeth’s poster as “propaganda” and “lazy socialism”.

Mr Lewis said: “Lambeth have once again been caught-red handed systematically misusing public funds. The money wasted on this scare campaign could have been spent on protecting frontline services.”

The Council however, claims that the posters are costing just £600, as the display sites are not being paid for. While this may counter Mr. Lewis's points about spending - it fails to address the issue of morality and indeed corruption here. Should taxpayers' money really be used to make partisan points?

As the Liberal Democrats found out earlier today: probably not.

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