British taxpayers fund Holocaust denial from Arab news outlet

An 'independent' Arab news outlet has accused "the Jews" of creating the "Holocaust myth" to achieve "many goals". The outlet is supported by the EU and UK taxpayer

by The Commentator on 11 February 2013 12:51


British taxpayers are helping to provide funding to an Arab news outlet publishing grossly offensive articles questioning the historical evidence of the Holocaust. 

The British government embarked on a multi-million pound project with the Ma'an Network, the umbrella company overseeing the Palestinian Territory-based Ma'an News Agency.

Earlier in the year, Ma'an published a 'vicious, anti-Semitic' article which was subsequently removed from their website, but just days later, the organisation has published another, denying the Holocaust, presenting it as a 'Jewish lie' used by Jews to achieve various goals.

Published a few days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the article calls the Holocaust "a myth": 

"The Zionists are marking the 68th anniversary of the creation of the 'Holocaust' myth". It further asserts "that there is no basis for [claims about] what happened to the Jews in Germany and that they were cremated in gas chambers," according to Palestinian Media Watch.

The Commentator has learned that between 2008-11, the British taxpayer gave over £2.1m to Ma'an for a three-year project to "strengthen independent secular media". The money, we can reveal, has been used solely to financially support the Ma'an Network and its output, such as this recent article.

Referring to "the false propaganda machine," the article states that "the Jews have succeeded in achieving many goals by using the 'Holocaust'," and that "they took advantage of them [the lies] to win sympathy." The article repeats that the story of what happened to Jews during the Holocaust is "Jewish lies and claims," denying the fact that six million Jews were exterminated. Instead it states that "revisionist writers have explained how a few hundred thousand Jews died in World War II, just like others died during the war."

Guto Bebb, Member of Parliament for Aberconwy told The Commentator: "I find the use of UK taxpayers' money to fund a publication denying the Holocaust to be completely unacceptable. Historical fact should not be challenged in order to support the aim of de-legitimising Israel.  For this to appear in a publication funded by UKaid is abhorrent and demands immediate action".

Ma'an's editors did not dissociate themselves in any way from the contents of the article denying the Holocaust despite Ma'ans stated intention earlier this year of reexamining its publication policies. 

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