Tory candidate suspended for linking Nazism and Socialism

The Conservative party has apparently suspended a parliamentary candidate with 20 years experience in the NHS, due to a retweet linking Nazism to Socialism

by The Commentator on 15 February 2013 11:08


Rachel Frosh, who yesterday wrote for this website, has apparently been suspended from the Conservative Party's candidates list for the next general election, following hysterical coverage of a retweet of hers which linked Nazism to Socialism.

Party sources are reported to have confirmed the suspension in response to the retweet, which mockingly encouraged socialists to embrace their "inner Nazi". 

Though perhaps bluntly made, the point is a widely held belief amongst right-thinking historians and academics, that National Socialism has its roots in Socialism, rather than on the Right.

Frosh told The Commentator that she has an excellent background in combating extremism and human rights abuses, and that Lady Thatcher herself used to link Socialism to their 'bedfellows' in Communism. Frosh, it has been argued, has simply juxtaposed another despotic ideology, Nazism, with Socialism.

Sources have been quick to indicate Frosh's record over the past few years, including her 20 years in the National Health Service, extensive volunteer work and her position as a Tory candidate in Harrow West in 2010.

One high-profile Tory activist told The Commentator, "It's almost as if Lady Thatcher would fail to get on the candidate's list in the modern Conservative party. Since when are in the business of barring people for holding perfectly legitimate political views?"

The offending retweet:

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