Nottingham Council's "Labour fortress" uses over 10 years of staff time on union activity... in ONE year

Nottingham City Council has been shown to be 'rife' with taxpayer-funded union activity, with the council spending over half a million pounds on union activity

by The Commentator on 20 February 2013 11:03


Britain's battle against public sector-funded unions is sure to hot up after staggering revelations show that Nottingham City Council, the 28th largest council in terms of population in the UK, has been spending in excess of £400,000 a year on trade union activists.

Recently, statistics have shown the stark and depressing picture of how much taxpayer money in the UK goes to paying council staff to undertake union activity, including 'educational work' and propagandising. The work of many unions has been felt lately in the form of strikes, affecting public services and impacting schools, transportation and infrastructure under the state.

Yesterday it was revealed that the Labour-run council in Nottingham has spent thousands of pounds of taxpayer cash to propagandise against government spending reductions. Today's revelations show that the council spent a whopping £418,000 in 2010/11, increasing to £443,025 in 2011/12, on trade-union staff salaries.

The council leader has previously argued that the government's spending reductions are impossible to achieve without slashing front-line services or raising taxes, however a major proportion of what Nottingham could save is being squandered on full-time trade union work, rather than actually serving the taxpayer.

A council statement from the end of last year read: "The budget comes as the council has to find around a further £3m, despite already making efficiencies in these areas, to help vulnerable adults and children as the population grows older and more and more elderly people and children need to be looked after and cared for."

By far the most shocking statistic to emerge from the public inspection of the council's account is that the number of trade union representatives employed by the council now numbers 25, up from 21 the previous year. The amount of staff time spent on trade union activity in total in 2010/11 amounts to 3848 days in total - over 10 and a half years over the course of one year, within one local council alone.

The number is thought to have increased over the past year, as the number of staff rose by 4, taking the presumed number of total council work days used in a year to over 4500, or over 12 years.

The disclosures seen by The Commentator show that 72 UNISON, 25 GMB, 19 UNITE, 3 NUT, 1 ATL, 1 NASUWT and 1 NAHT union members have been employed or subsidised by Nottingham City Council in just one year. These figures apparently do not include information on workplace representatives that are also entitled to up to half a day a week on 'trade union duties'. The council, it has been noted, does not record these details - creating concerns over whether the true cost of union activity to local authorities is even obtainable.

In 2011 it was revealed that the UK public sector is spending up £113m a year on 'union pilgrims' which have been defined as those undertaking union activity at the taxpayers' expense, named after nurse Jane Pilgrim who was found to be a full-time trade union official being paid by Britain's National Health Service.

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