Ed Miliband's 'real people'

Labour MP Lucy Powell has insisted that one journalist meet some 'real people'. But a quick examination of her career shows no real world experience whatsoever

by Sue Denim on 20 February 2013 17:18

Ed Miliband's Labour Party - the machine of the people. The demos in the face of the kratos. The champion of the working man. The... oh we can't do this anymore.

We all know Ed Miliband's pedigree. But what about those who he has going to bat for him online, and in the streets?

Labour MP Lucy Powell this afternoon told journalist and blogger Harry Cole to, "go and meet some real people". But Powell's pedigree shows scant interaction with 'the people'. Her Labour safe seat (Manchester Central) means she doesn't actually have to do much campaigning. 

She went to Oxford (no problem with meritocracy, but hardly a bastion of 'average people', is it?) 

She then went to work in Labour party headquarters.

Then she was elected to the most exclusive club in the country, Parliament.

She was the Campaign Director for the pro-EU pressure group 'Britain in Europe'. Brilliant.

And most recently, she worked on Ed Miliband's leadership campaign. 

Woman of the people!

Oh and interesting fact. She was elected to Parliament following the lowest ever turnout (18.2 percent) in a by-election since World War II.

We don't know what's worse. This hypocrisy or the fact that she supports Manchester City.

Just been told to go meet "some real people" by @lucympowell. CV: Oxford>Labour HQ>Parliament>Britain in Europe>Quango>Ed Miliband Campaign

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