Imagine the anger if a pro-Israel speaker walked out on a Palestinian student

Wouldn't the Left, especially the Palestine Solidarity Campaign types, be jumping up and down with placards emblazoned, "RACIST" by now?

by The Commentator on 22 February 2013 10:05

Just imagine for a moment that a Member of Parliament who was unashamedly pro-Israel in his or her Middle East outlook was sharing a platform with someone with an Arabic sounding name.

Then imagine what controversy would arise if said MP refused to debate with a young, brown man or woman on the basis that they were a Palestinian citizen. 

It's tough to comprehend, isn't it? Because such hatred and irrationality rarely rears its head within those of us who we prefer to call the 'pro-Peace' lobby. 

It's an important distinction because the pro-Peace lobby straddles both sides of the debate, though this 'river to the sea' outlook continues to tar the pro-Palestinian efforts in the same way that intransigence over the few illegal settlements plagues some of those interested in seeing a secure Israel, as well as a Palestinian state.

But in our experience, one side is directed by and dictated to by the extreme-thinkers, and on the other, the point is often made that we are perhaps not robust enough. 

So about George Galloway: would this man refuse to debate against ALL Israelis, including Arab Israelis, Druze, Christians and others? Or is his ire directed at one people in particular? The Jews?

A question we suggest you may want to put to him yourself. Do so by clicking here.

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