Gruesome beheading of Coptic Christian men in USA

Yusuf Ibrahim stands accused of the murder, beheading and dismemberment of two Coptic Christian men following an altercation on February 5th 2013

by on 22 February 2013 18:13


Local media in New Jersey has reported that an Indiana native, Yusuf Ibrahim, shot and killed two men during an argument in a car in Jersey City in early February. It has also been reported that Ibrahim beheaded and later dismembered the pair.

The victims are identified as 25-year-old Hanny F. Tawadros and 27-year-old Amgad A. Konds, two Coptic Christians from Egypt who were known to Ibrahim. 

After being alerted on February 7th to suspicious activity at a home in the Buena Vista Township outside Jersey City, police discovered the bodies of Tawadros and Konds in a shallow grade behind the home. They later discovered the men's heads and hands at a separate, nearby location.

Police say Ibrahim got into an altercation on February 5th with the two acquaintances of his while in a white Mercedes-Benz belonging to one of the victims. The men, all apparently Egyptian immigrants, were in Jersey City at the time.

"These were grisly murders in which the defendant allegedly shot both victims in the chest at close range," said Attorney General Chiesa in a press release. "We allege that the defendant was ruthless and calculating in the manner in which he carried out the killings and attempted to prevent identification of the victims by cutting off their heads and hands before burying their bodies."

A report indicated that some members of the Saint George & Saint Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church in Jersey City, to which Tawadros and Konds reportedly belonged, wondered if religion may have played a part in their killings. The fact that the victims were beheaded has also questions about the motivation of the killing.

Ibrahim is facing two counts of murder and desecration of human remains. Bail was set at more than $3 million cash, though a second hearing, where Ibrahim is to stand charge for a robbery, established further bail conditions of $250,000. 

A former roomate of Ibrahim described him as "awesome, with kids" and stated that he was a Muslim but not particularly religious.

The bodies of Hanny F. Tawadros and Amgad A. Konds were flown back to Egypt last week after a service was held for them at their church in Jersey City. 

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