The BBC and its Arafat Jaradat spin...

The death of a man is being used by activists and politicians to tar Israel without evidence. Such information is of course, again, being cited as fact by BBC correspondents

by Media Hawk on 25 February 2013 12:09

The circumstances surrounding Arafat Jaradat's death are still unclear. What is known is that the man, a father-of-two, was arrested after an incident involving an Israeli citizen being attacked last week. 

Since then, numerous accounts of what has happened to Jaradat have floated around the internet. Many of these are rumours or speculation spread by either side in order to delegitimise or counter the narrative spread by one another. Israel and the Palestinian Authority are at loggerheads on this one, and many rely on the independence on the international news media to separate the facts from the fiction.

Sadly, as usual, the BBC allows it correspondents in the region to utilise their large followings on Twitter to spread misinformation or speculation. You could probably guess that most of it is hostile towards the State of Israel.

Cue Jon Donnison, the BBC's Gaza and West Bank Correspondent who has been caught numerous times now disseminating Palestinian Authority or even Hamas-driven propaganda.

Donnison yesterday issued a 'modified tweet' originally sent by Noah Browning, a man whose articles you only need to skim through to see where his objectivity lies. 

Donnison tweeted: 

But has there been any actual proof that Jaradat "died in interrogation"? 

No. None yet. 

So why is this BBC correspondent prejudging the outcome of further investigations, reporting such things as facts to his near 11,000 Twitter followers?

While Israel has stated that Jaradat likely died from heart complications, the Palestinian Authority has claimed that he died due to torture. But the Palestinians don't have their stories straight within their own ranks. 

Qadura Fares, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, seems to undermine the official line by saying Jaradat died because he was not properly diagnosed and hospitalised. An Israeli Health Ministry spokesperson said no exterior signs of injuries were discovered during the medical examination, apart from resuscitation bruises and a small abrasion on the right side of Jaradat's chest.

So it's one side's word against the other. And even if it transpires after the full results come through, that Jaradat died during interrogation, who is Jon Donnison to presuppose the results of the toxicology and microscopic tests? 

Hat-tip, BBCWatch

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