UKIP Friends of Palestine Group "loses the plot" in comparing MidEast conflict to Holocaust

UKIP's Friends of Palestine group has claimed that the ongoing Middle East conflict is the same as the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews

by Media Hawk on 25 February 2013 19:37

One side has state-sponsored terrorism and yes, innocent bystanders. The other side is an embattled democracy in a region of totalitarian dictatorships or Islamist, mafia-type governments.

See, we can reduce things down too. Funny how our reduction isn't nearly half as offensive as that of the Friends of Palestine in UKIP group which today posted a Facebook update stating, "The genocide of the Palestinian people by the current Israeli government is no different to the genocide of the Jewish people by Nazi Germany."

The statement comes hot on the heels of Liberal Democrat MP David Ward's statement that, " the suffering by the Jews has not transformed their views on how others should be treated".

To claim that the Holocaust, which was the eradication and systematic extermination of an entire race of people is somehow akin to a complex and and drawn out international dispute between various actors is not only highly offensive, but seeks to trivialise the Holocaust and misinform the organisation's members on the conflict. 

Luckily, the group has only 30 members, and those which we understand to not be as amenable to the new group leadership's 'hardline' and 'misinformed' approach on the issue.

Jacob Campbell of the Friends of Israel in UKIP said, "Friends of Palestine in UKIP has utterly lost the plot. To even suggest the remotest similarity between Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and the Third Reich's mechanised genocide of European Jewry would be outrageous enough, but to explicitly assert that the former is 'no different' to the latter is pure anti-Semitism. We might expect that sort of thing from the Liberal Democrats, but not from members of UKIP. Heads must roll."

Shockingly, the group also posted a Facebook update stating, "There is no difference between the state sponsored terrorism of the Israeli regime to the terrorism of Hamas and other such groups. We want to see both of these gone for good."

It is unclear as to whether or not the group is calling for the destruction of the entire State of Israel in this update, or just the current government. 

Olly Neville, who previously headed the Friends of Palestine in UKIP group, told me, "All I want to say is to clarify that when I formed UKIP Friends of Palestine it was as a group to push alternate ideas of non-interventionism and a peaceful two state solution, things I wrote into the constitution. I disagree completely with the sentiments expressed in these recent Facebook updates."

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