Tory HQ reinstates candidate after retweet suspension

Dr. Rachel Frosh has been reinstated onto the Conservative Party's candidates list after efforts

by The Commentator on 26 February 2013 14:15


The Commentator has learned that the Conservative Party has reinstated Dr. Rachel Frosh, having previously suspended her for from its candidates list for retweeting a post about Nazism's roots in socialism on Twitter.

Frosh, whom The Commentator went to bat for early on, was suspended from the party's parliamentary candidate's list after making the well-respected argument that Nazism had its roots in socialism. At the time, the party was called "heavy-handed" and criticised by various commentators and even party officials. 

Frosh had previously stood as the party's candidate in the Harrow West constituency, as well as having served as a doctor in the NHS for 20 years. Due to the retweet, Frosh felt she had to resign from her post as Deputy Police Commissioner in Hertfordshire.

She wrote at the time, "...there is an accepted mainstream view that the origins of Nazism lie in Socialism, or that they have common roots. Nobel Prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek described this his book 'The Road to Serfdom'."

Today, Dr. Frosh tweeted, "CCHQ (Conservative Campaign Headquarters) reviewed evidence. Saw I was totally misrepresented in the press. I'm back on the list. Thank you to all my supporters & friends!" She followed up with, "CCHQ were very nice & sensible. As always."

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