The Axis of Evil descends on Cambridge University

For those of you who haven't seen or heard enough of these three windbags...

by Sue Denim on 27 February 2013 18:21

Oh how I wish I could be there tomorrow night at the Cambridge Union, when the Left-wing commentariat fringe takes on the centrist, sensible policy types on the motion, "This House Regrets the Consequences of U.S. Dominance".

Sounds loaded, doesn't it? (So does my reporting, granted), but I can't say I have much time for the line up that is supporting the motion.

Leading the march is none other than Mehdi 'non-Muslims are animals' Hasan, the 'Political Director' of the increasingly laughable Huffington Post website. If you want a bit of background on Mehdi, click here.

Second comes none other than the Guardian's Associate Editor Seumas Milne (more on him, here). This is a man who recently said of the Israel-Hamas war, "It's not... about who started it. But Israel escalated it" followed by, "There will be no peace!".

Lastly we have the self-proclaimed friend of Hamas and Hezbollah, Jeremy Corbyn MP, who we know is great friends of Mr. David Ward MP and who has called for inquiries into the influence of the pro-Israel lobby. Yep, that old trope.

I feel incredibly sorry for their opponents, Sir Christopher Meyer, Richard Ottaway MP and Dr. Alan Mendoza, who will likely struggle to get a word in edgeways against the shouty triumvirate. 

Still, should make for some fun YouTube viewing ex-post-facto, eh?

Or is that just me?

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