The £82 Dubai pizza

Fancy a gold-leaf lobster and truffle pizza? Yeah... me neither.

by Sue Denim on 28 February 2013 11:39

I can't tell you how many times I've craved a gold-leaf lobster and truffle pizza. Really, I can't tell you.

But restaurant goers in Dubai will be able to sate such cravings now with the introduction of the £82 pizza which runs as the second most expensive in the world - second only to Gordon Ramsey's Maze pizza, which runs at £16.66 a slice in his London restaurant.

The extravagant wood-fired, gold-leaf lobster and truffle pizza is called Astice e Tartufo and is served at the Third Avenue Café. It's Italian chef, Fabrizio Pellegrini, 34, is hardly apologetic about the steep price.

“This is a signature dish made of very expensive ingredients sourced from Europe, so it cannot be cheap. The blue lobster, for instance, is from France, not from Omani or Canadian waters. It costs Dh200 per kg and weighs 700gm. The cherry tomatoes are from Sicily, as are the truffle and asparagus. And then there’s the gold leaf.”

"It's globalisation gone mad!"

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