Now Galloway claims you have to be part of the Israel-lobby to be the UK's Middle East minister

George Galloway has insisted that being a friend of Israel is a requirement for British ministers. If only.

by Parliament Spy on 28 February 2013 12:00

Galloway again. But don't worry, it's still worth reading. The insights into a man descending further and further into conspiracy and unhinged behaviour get less funny and more concerning by the day. This revelation continues that trend.

In a Westminster Hall debate in the British Parliament yesterday, Galloway began discussing how he once scored a goal at Old Trafford with the help of the government's now Middle East Minister, Alistair Burt MP. He then went on to drag Burt's affiliation with the Conservative Friends of Israel into a debate entitled, "Relations with the Arab World" - a subject that both we and Galloway himself would argue that he is an expert on. For very different reasons.

Galloway claimed, "The fact that one has to be a friend of Israel to be the Minister for the middle east speaks volumes about the absolute unwillingness on the part of the British state, the British Government and the British Parliament to face up to their responsibility to the Palestinian people".

Interesting that he says such things, when by and large the Foreign and Commonwealth Office remains staunchly Arabist in its outlook, and indeed sends millions, unchecked, to the Palestinian Authority. What's more is Galloway seems to have not taken much notice of what Mr. Burt's mandarins within his department really think of Israel and its leadership.

It is bizarre that Galloway would make such a claim when a former colleague of his from the Labour Party, Ben Bradshaw, remarked upon as, "no particular noted friend of Israel" occupied the position of Middle East Minister just a few years ago. 

Galloway of course insisted, "That [being a friend of Israel] is an indispensible condition in Britain; in the 25 years I have spent in the House, and I suspect for much longer than that."

if only that were the case, Mr. Galloway. If only that were the case.

You can read the full exchange here.

VIDEO: Galloway's unhinged appearance on BBC Question Time 

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