The Eastleigh by-election

The EU federalists must be laughing all the way to Brussels...

by John Redwood MP on 1 March 2013 09:48

Once again a Eurosceptic majority has managed to engineer the election of a Lib Dem Eurofederalist to Parliament. The EU federalists must be laughing all the way to Brussels.

It is remarkable that the Lib Dems, at 8 percent in the national polls, and following their worst three weeks of news I can remember, should emerge as victors. No wonder we find it so difficult to get the new relationship with the EU we want.

Both the Conservative and the UKIP candidate made clear they find our current relationship with the EU unacceptable. They both wanted a referendum to allow the British people to vote No to staying in the EU. Between them they got 53 percent of the vote.

Instead Eastleigh has a Liberal Democrat MP who opposes giving us that vote. We need more MPs in Parliament who will join those of us who have voted for an immediate referendum. Instead we have another anti-referendum federalist elected with under one third of the votes.

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