Reports: Al Qaeda 'hit squads' to target Europe and US

Reports have suggested that Iranian-backed Al-Qaeda operatives will launch attacks on the US and European homeland in the next six months

by The Commentator on 1 March 2013 12:52


Recent reports from Iran have revealed that a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has warned both Europe and the United States over impending Al-Qaeda attacks.

The attacks, it is reported, will target mainland Europe and US homeland soil, in efforts to take out power grids, water supplies and other key infrastructure as well as attempting to kill civilians.

According to Fars News Agency, a media outlet affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the regime’s armed forces deputy chief of staff, Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri last Thursday stated that, “Al-Qaeda groups and other services which operate for the interest of America will soon change the region of their operations and thereafter create new problems for America and Europe.”

Jazayeri warned that the operatives have technological resources to threaten America and that, “if the people of America and Europe do not confront the aggressive policies of their governments, they cannot then remain far from the possible future events (terror attacks).”

The issue at hand is said to be the Western refusal to accept a nuclear Iran. The comments have been interpreted as a veiled threat on the basis of Iranian training, arming and funding for al-Qaeda elements. 

According to the pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran, the country "has collaborated with Al Qaeda covertly and often by proxy due to the latter's notorious reputation. This covert cooperation began in the early 1990's in Sudan, continued after Al Qaeda relocated to Afghanistan, and even manifested itself on Iranian soil before, during, and after the September 11 attacks." 

Last year in Foreign Affairs magazine, analyst Seth Jones made clear, "If the United States or Israel undertook a bombing campaign against Iran, Tehran could employ al Qaeda in a response."

The regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and Quds Force commanders have reportedly held several meetings in Tehran with al-Qaeda leaders in which a plan was devised to attack the West.

The plan is said to revolve around a six month time frame, wherein America will be expected to accepted Iran’s nuclear program and ease sanctions. The terrorist assets have been ordered to carry out their missions if this does not occur.

The Iranian regime may feel it must act by then because current sanctions, which have already had a serious effect on Iran’s economy, could spark civil riots.

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