City Hall loves The Commentator (and EuroWoof?) ranks high up on the list of most visited websites by the Greater London Authority computers in City Hall

by The Commentator on 1 March 2013 14:26

We'd like to thank the academy, and...

Ok that's enough patting ourselves on the back. The real interesting part of this nugget that Paul Waugh blogged about yesterday is what other websites the London Mayor's staff and government bureaucrats are visiting.

Of course, the standard sites come top, Google, YouTube, Bing(!), etc. But this clever use of the Freedom of Information Act reveals more about the browsing patterns of City Hall staffers than they might like. For instance, heaven forfend anyone realise they're reading The Commentator, let alone that we land in the top 75 of the 500 listed!

But there's no Guido, but plenty of Left Foot Forward. No Spectator, but plenty of New Statesman. No Conservative Home, but.. oh, you get what we're saying...

You might be intrigued to note the prolific use of Facebook by your taxpayer-salaried City Hall staff. More interesting is how highly ranked the 'Ethiopian Entertainment Online Radio' is, and who on earth is visiting the Barratts shoe shop website so much?

Some of our other favourites include: - A men's underwear website - To keep up with the opposition, naturally - For all your Zambian political needs - Because who doesn't love an amazing tune? - Obviously - Were you expecting them to shop at TheUglyDressCompany?

and finally... - A gay dating website dedicated to the 'bear-like' man

Brilliant. Here's the full list.

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