Member of 'anti-fascist' group bullied into abandoning anti-BNP leaflet campaign

Video footage seen by The Commentator appears to show an anti-BNP campaigner being forced to abandon a leaflet campaign in the London Borough of Havering

by The Commentator on 4 March 2013 11:05


A video seen by The Commentator (see below), appears to show a member of an 'anti-fascist' group, Nick Lowles, who is thought to have close associations with the Trade Union movement, being forced to abandon an anti-British Nationalist Party (BNP) leaflet campaign in the London Borough of Havering.

Allegations made by the ‘anti-fascist’ group HOPE not hate (HNH) - which has also been accused of bullying tactics in its time - indicate that the aggressive rival group, seen in the video, may represent the BNP itself, the English Defence League (EDL) via the splinter South East Alliance (SEA), or a combination of the two.

It appears that the confrontation was fueled by a running feud between Lowles (campaigner for HNH and editor of Searchlight Magazine) and elements of the BNP and SEA, including the latter's leader Paul Prodromou (aka Paul Pitt), who the HNH claim to be the lead aggressor in the standoff.

Throughout, Lowles is repeatedly told to “get in [his] motor and go”, to “f*** off”, and called a “pedophile”, a “pr**k”, and “scum”.

Another aggressor can later be heard shouting, “Oi, C***, what are you doing putting my f***ing picture on your [Facebook wall]?” before asking: “What gives you the f***ing right to do that?”

The video in question is being scrutinized closely, coming so soon after the ‘Muslim Patrols’ story broken here by The Commentator, also occuring in East London.

Ironically, the aggressors claim to be defenders of free speech through their actions, which were seemingly motivated by Lowles’s initial criticism of their activity. It is also suggested towards the end of the video that Lowles may be funded by the taxpayer to conduct his anti-BNP campaigning.

Tweets from HNH and Lowles later claimed that the leaflet campaign went ahead as planned after the initial hostilities.

SEE THE VIDEO FOOTAGE (Warning: Explicit language):

H/T Billy Bowden

UPDATE: HATE not hope has since released its own footage, showing that the leaflet campaign did indeed continue as scheduled (See below). 

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