Hamas turns away 'tagged' rockets

The terrorist outfit in the Gaza Strip has apparently rejected a delivery of rockets on the basis that they were 'tagged' by Israel

by The Commentator on 4 March 2013 12:21


Gaza's terrorist government Hamas has allegedly rejected a delivery of smuggled rockets from Libya after discovering that Israel had managed to equip them with tracking devices.

Sources close to smugglers in the Sinai desert told the Al-Youm A-Sabi’ newspaper that 28 long-range missiles were smuggled from Libya into Gaza through the Sinai, but were blocked before entering smuggling tunnels into the Gaza Strip.

An expert from Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-din al-Qassam Brigades apparently discovered 'tracking devices' when examining the shipment in Sinai. The Times of Israel reports that Al-Youm A-Sabi's report could not be independently confirmed.

Since the fall of Colonel Gaddafi in 2011, the Sinai Peninsula has reportedly been awash with arms from Libya. Last June, the Egyptian army confiscated a huge weapons transport near the Libyan border which was suspected to be heading for Gaza. The shipment included 138 Grad missiles.

Last month The Commentator reported that Libyan-based weapons may have been passed along to rebels in Syria.

According to the sources who spoke to Al-Youm A-Sabi’, Hamas recently stopped working with various different arms smugglers in the Sinai region due to collusion with Israel in planting tracking devices, which enable Israel to discover weapons caches.

Hamas has been vocal about its willingness to 'punish' these smugglers.

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