George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn table Early Day Motions in Chavez's memory

British parliamentarians George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn have tabled seperate Early Day Motions in memory of Hugo Chavez

by The Commentator on 7 March 2013 11:42


George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn have tabled seperate Early Day Motions in memory of Hugo Chavez.

Early day motions 1153 and 1154 respectively, both tabled yesterday (Wednesday, March 6th), speak fondly of Chavez's legacy.

EDM 1153, tabled by George Galloway, reads

That this House deeply regrets the untimely death of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela; notes that Hugh Chavez was four times elected president of Venezuela by a majority of the voters in elections considered free and fair by international monitors, including former US President Jimmy Carter; further notes that he was subject to a coup attempt and attempted assassination organised by his enemies in Venezuela and the US; further notes that he led the Bolivarian Revolution which lifted millions of people out of abject poverty in Venezuela; further notes that he was a steadfast and unflinching opponent of Western imperialism and a supporter of the poor and oppressed everywhere; and believes that his memory will long survive his death through his extraordinary achievements in the 14 years of his presidency.

EDM 1154, tabled by Jeremy Corbyn, reads:

That this House offers condolences to the government and people of Venezuela on the death of President Chavez; and acknowledges the huge contribution he made to conquering poverty in his country and region through ALBA and the way he spoke for the poorest and most marginalised people in Latin America.

Both parliamentarians are renowned for their support of the deceased Venezuelan President. Galloway's relationship with Chavez was particularly well documented after the Dundee-born MP spent two weeks in Venezuela last year, working on Chavez's campaign.

However, the focus on Chavez's work "conquering poverty" in particular sits uncomfortably with Venezuela's economic reality.

Despite sitting on top of one of the world’s largest proven oil reserves, the Latin American state has an inflation rate currently sitting around 22.18 percent (as high as 28.7 percent last summer), has had to undergo seven currency devaluations in attempts to narrow its staggering deficit, and is chronically short of housing, food, and basic goods.

Chavez's authoritarian methods have also come under intense international scrutiny. 

At the time of writing, eight Labour MPs have signed EDM 1154, including Corbyn himself. Two have signed EDM 1153 including George Galloway; the other being Jeremy Corbyn.

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