VIDEO: Obama on the wrong side of history (again) over Falklands referendum

President Obama is on the wrong side of history in siding with Argentina over the Falklands

by Dane Vallejo on 7 March 2013 23:06

Brits of a conservative nature often feel sorry for ourselves, pining, as we do, for Maggie when stuck with Cameron. But spare a thought for our American cousins; it's fair to say Obama ain't no Gipper.

If he was, of course, he'd be staunchly behind the UK, as Reagan was, on all matters pertaining to the Falkland Islands.

Sadly, he's about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. In fact he's worse since he's actively working against the UK's interests; more like a bathtub on a motorbike.

Put simply, President Obama is on the wrong side of history in refusing to confirm whether he will recognise the outcome of the Falkland Islands referendum to be held on March 10–11. Of all governments, America's should know better than any how important it is for the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands to make their own decision over whether to maintain their allegiance to Great Britain.

Not only has Obama refused to confirm that he will recognise the outcome of the referendum, his administration has repeatedly backed Argentina’s calls for a U.N.-brokered settlement for the Islands.

I will save them a job. There is nothing to be brokered. The Falklands are British and they will remain British.

Fortunately, despite its president, America still has a lot of sense left in it, as exemplified by the outstanding Heritage Foundation. Putting the case forward better than I ever could, this video shows exactly why Obama deserves our scorn. 

Watch it and share it widely if you believe that it is imperative for the Falkland Islanders to have the right to self determination.

For more information, be sure to check out the excellent work that the Heritage Foundation has been carrying out on the Falklands.

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