Illegal Iranian nuclear dealings via Turkey revealed by German authorities

An investigation undertaken by the federal prosecutor's office in Germany has exposed a total of 941 items with nuclear applications have been transported through Turkey to Iran

by The Commentator on 12 March 2013 15:41


An investigation undertaken by the federal prosecutor's office in Germany (the German arm of Interpol) has exposed a number of 'front companies' based in Instanbul that transported a total of 941 items with nuclear applications through Turkey to Iran, the Bugün daily has reported. (via Today's Zaman)

The items are believed to have been obtained in Germany and India and transported to the Mitech company in Iran. Mitech is subject to international sanctions.

An Iranian national, Hossein Tanideh, was named as the man behind the operation. Tanideh was arrested by Turkish authorities following the tip-off from their German counterparts back in January.

Another man, Mesut Atasoy, who is the owner of one the front companies implicated in Turkey, has also been taken into custody. Three other Iranian nationals believed to have been involved remain at large.

Atasoy, owner of Baha Turizm (Tourism) Ltd., and who also runs a business exporting goods to Iran, was also Tanideh's landlord.

IDI, a foreign trade company owned by Tanideh, had its offices in Bakırköy raided where police found paperwork confirming that 91 items with nuclear applications were sent, over the course of seven deliveries, to Iran from Germany via Turkey. 856 further nuclear items were sent, over four deliveries, to Iran via Turkey, from India. 

Meanwhile, the US has threatened Islamabad with sanctions over Pakistan’s partnership with Iran in the construction of a gas pipeline. 

The EU has also been busy, increasing the total number of Iranians facing EU sanctions (now 87). The latest batch includes the head of Evin prison, several judges and prosecutors, and two leaders of Iran's state-controlled Press TV.

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