Western-funded Palestinian TV insists, "land occupied in 1948 will return to us one day"

In yet another revelatory video, Palestinian Media Watch shows how despite consistent calls for a two-state solution, Palestinian television is still teaching its children to await the destruction of Israel

by The Commentator on 12 March 2013 17:11


On previous occasions, The Commentator has reported on the wide variety of Western taxpayer-funded incitement emanating from the Palestinian territories. 

This continuous onslaught against the existence of the State of Israel comes not from Hamas, but rather, from the Western-funded 'peace partner', the Palestinian Authority.

It has been discussed [PODCAST] how US, UK and European taxpayer money is funding radio, television and print media that disseminate 'hate education' - another such example reaches us today from Palestinian Media Watch.

As can be viewed below, the latest video shows a Palestinian Authority TV (PATV) show, wherein the host declares to a room of children, "land occupied in 1948 [the founding of the State of Israel] will return to us one day."



PA TV host: "And of course we will never forget that we have land that was occupied in 1948, which will return to us one day. Remember well, children. Also [remember] to safeguard our folklore, our national games, the folklore in all its forms, our dress and our food and our games and anything that forms the Palestinian folklore - we have to safeguard it. If we don't safeguard it, then the occupation might steal it as well, as it stole our land. Right? Do you agree with me? Bravo!"

Persistently, calls are made by the United Nations and other Western organisations for a two-state solution peace process to re-emerge. These calls are of course nullified in the face of such hateful and inciteful statements such as these.

Until recently, Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Department for International Development have signalled that no measures would be taken regarding Palestinian incitement, although various members of the British Parliament have declared their intent to halt the funding process for those with nefarious intent.

Around 80 percent of the Palestinian Authority's budget came from Western aid in 2010, with the United States providing around $500m a year on average, and Britain sending £80m a year.

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