Proof that sometimes tree-huggers can be intentionally funny

Kudos to Do The Green Thing - this is pretty funny

by The Humph on 13 March 2013 14:18

Environmentalists provide an endless stream of laughs, usually without knowing it. 

Just last week, for example, the archpriests of sanctimony at Greenpeace were left red-faced as the Pegasus of its moral cruisade, the Rainbow Warrior, was photographed getting a fill from non other than BP.

But sometimes (and I stress sometimes) greenies can be, you know, funny.

So kudos to Do The Green Thing for this stroke of marketing genius ahead of the WWF's Earth Hour (when one is encouraged to switch off one's lights from 20:30 in support of future sustainability) on March 23rd.

Who knew Chris Huhne could be so universally unpopular?

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