'HOPE not hate' can't be serious with this Ukip question, can it?

So-called 'anti fascist' group HOPE not hate is seemingly nonplussed by the rise and rise of Ukip... But this can't be a serious question, can it?

by The Humph on 14 March 2013 17:00

You may remember coverage right here on the Commentator of a member of the ostensibly 'anti-fascist' organisation HOPE not hate (HNH), being confronted by an equally dubious lot of BNP and EDL adherents.

The best way of describing the encounter would be: Nutty radical bullied by more, tougher nutty radicals.

And as long as they stick to arguing with each other, then why should the rest of us care, right? 

Indeed. But what about when said nutty radicals begin sticking their noses into non-nutty business, like Ukip? (Quiet at the back!) 

This is a genuine question posed on a new HNH campaign website:

UKIP is surging in the polls and could well come first in next year's European Elections. How should HOPE not hate respond? Should we begin to oppose them or should we stick to extremist groups like the BNP?

And here's ‘the case for’: 

UKIP is increasingly taking an anti-immigrant tone and as anti-racists we cannot ignore that. They are whipping up fears over new immigration and as we approach next year's European Elections this will even get worse.

The growing support for UKIP is scaring the mainstream parties and it will push them to adopt more hard line policies on immigration and multiculturalism. We need to prevent this and offer a positive alternative to the politics of hate and division.

An accompanying press release to the above argues: "Locally, some of [UKIP's] branches put out material far more extreme than most BNP material." What?!

And asks the question: "Can we really celebrate BNP leader Nick Griffin losing his European seat next year if UKIP top the poll on an anti-immigrant platform and push the other mainstream parties to the right?" Yes!

It seems HNH is genuinely nonplussed by the rise and rise of Ukip; its website makes the following desperate request: "Please tell us what you think we should do by commenting using the form on the right"

There's only one thing for it... Let them know what you think!

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