The not-so liberal media

Watch this fascinating video of Sky News reporter Mark Stone broadcasting live as Chinese state police detain him

by on 15 March 2013 13:36

Here at CPAC 2013, one of the bumper stickers, t-shirts and vocally chanted statements you can't avoid is, "I don't believe the liberal media".

Of course, I'm using the word 'liberal' uh... liberally in this regard.

So interesting to watch today's footage from Sky News which sheds some light on just what the people of China have to face in dealing with media laws and restrictions, and the bizarre nature of the state police.

Here's a fascinating video straight out of Britain this morning that shows Sky News reporter having some problems in a country that has, let's say, a less than liberal media mindset. 

Chinese authorities detained, removed and pestered Mark Stone and his colleagues without fully realising that he was broadcasting live onto Sky News, one of the largest news channels in Europe. 


Hat-tip: Guido

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