The Fifth Column(ist): CPAC edition

Notes and musings from a conservative living and working in New York City; CPAC, Chavez, Catholicism and more...

by Ed Kozak on 16 March 2013 12:00

Conservatives often remark that leftism is the politics of youth – specifically of petulant children. There’s certainly something to this. One doesn’t need to look much further for the disastrous results of leftism (specifically its bastard children, second-wave feminism and the sexual revolution) than the legions of millennial man-children that cover the west today.

Heck, the 25 year old teenager aside, even the most conservative of men I know in the States these days is perfectly comfortable walking around in public whilst wearing shorts, once the sole preserve of little boys.

While we’re on the subject of style, there’s this ‘What to Wear at CPAC’ thing floating around the internet. I do so hope that there aren’t any impressionable youngsters following the advice. First of all, no stylish lady wears pantsuits. They are possibly the most unflattering garment imaginable for women. Second, I highly suggest NOT wearing a golf shirt if you want to be taken seriously. It’s CPAC, not a golf club. In fact, the golf course is really the only place where polo shirts are acceptable – I suppose it makes sense that such a ridiculous game requires such unflattering attire.

It’s been one crazy March so far. Next to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Kim Jong-un/Dennis Rodman Peace Summit Spectacular might just be the single greatest political event to occur in my lifetime.

Speaking of evil dictators, Hugo Chavez is finally dead. And what a day for it – 5 March, 2013 – the sixtieth anniversary of Stalin’s death! Now how’s that for cosmic justice?

The new Pope was chosen this week. Seems like a bit of a legend. In 2007 he said communion should be withheld from pro-abortion politicians. Looks like self-proclaimed liberal Catholics will finally have to admit that they’re lying to themselves and the rest of us. You simply cannot be a Catholic and be okay with abortion. It’s akin to claiming one is a Calvinist but rejecting the Five Points, or proclaiming that you are an observant Jew whilst munching on a bacon cheeseburger.  

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