Murdoch offers up News Of The World... to Buzzfeed?

Overheard in a DC bar late last night... the story of Rupert Murdoch, the News of the World and his meeting with the Buzzfeed President

by Media Hawk on 17 March 2013 15:12

Take it with a pinch of salt if you like, or indeed ask the man himself, but here's what I overheard in a Washington DC bar last night. It is the story about Rupert Murdoch, Buzzfeed and the News of the World...

In New York City, on an undisclosed date, News Corporation's Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch is said to have approached "Buzzfeed's president" with a fairly interesting offer.

I assume the man in question is Jon Steinberg, Buzzfeed's president and Chief Operations Officer based out of New York.

The exchange apparently occured after Murdoch got wind of Buzzfeed's plans to branch out into the UK market, a move that has caused concern within almost every breaking news outlet in the country.

In the middle of a conversation about Buzzfeed UK, Murdoch is reported to have offered the following: "Instead of starting Buzzfeed in the UK, why don't you guys just buy up the News of The World brand? I have all the infrastructure there already."

Now, I can't confirm whether the report is accurate, and whether the quote is verbatim - but that's what I heard last night.

Murdoch apparently went on to elaborate upon why the News of the World infrastructure is so important, as well as how Buzzfeed and News International could work together on the project.

The reaction, I was led to believe, was less than ecstatic, "There was laughter. And then a polite refusal. And then it got awkward."

Whether it happened or not is anybody's guess, but I thought it was worth getting out there. Maybe Murdoch did say it and meant it in jest - who knows? 

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