How the BBC alters the debate without you noticing

Once again the BBC disgraces itself when it comes to reporting on anti-Semitism and Israel. See how it does it...

by Media Hawk on 18 March 2013 09:55

Last month we wrote about how the BBC slyly editorialises its news content to push its bias upon its 40 million or so visitors per week.

The excellent BBCWatch blog brings another incident to our attention today, highlighting how the Beeb has covered the story of Lord Ahmed and his Jewish conspiracy theory ideas.

Observe the difference in headlines:


BBCWatch asks:

So why did the BBC elect to airbrush the racist nature of Lord Ahmed’s alleged remarks by using the ambiguous terms “Jewish claims” and “anti-Jewish remarks”? Coming hot on the heels of the BBC’s previous attempts to downplay the antisemitic nature of remarks made by David Ward MP (see hereherehere and here), this really does suggest an endemic problem at the BBC.   


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