Obama in for a frosty visit to the West Bank

Obama gets a dose of good, old-fashioned Middle-Eastern hospitality. And he's not even there yet...

by The Humph on 18 March 2013 17:36

President Obama has rightly been called many names in his time. Arch-Zionist is hardly one of them.

Reflecting this sentiment, a new poll released by Israel’s Channel 2 reveals that fully one third of all Israeli respondents believe that Obama's policies are anti-Israel, while 41 percent feel that Obama is simply not a friend of the Jewish state. Perhaps more damning, a measly 29 percent think that he is a great leader of the U.S and, crucially, the world.

Nevertheless, given that Obama currently occupies what is historically one of the most integral positions in the Middle-East peace process, Israelis are generally amenable to his upcoming visit. In fact, the same poll reveals that a massive 82 percent of respondents want Obama to visit Israel.

Can the same be said of Palestinians?

Well, actually, maybe not.

Obama is in for a frosty reception when he visits the West Bank on Thursday. Palestinians – who, like Israelis, feel that Obama is unfavourable to their cause – are seemingly planning less red carpet, and more red paint, judging by this photograph from the city of Ramallah last week.

(AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed, File) (Majdi Mohammed)

An isolated protest? Evidently not. Today Associated Press TV showed a disgruntled taxi driver in Bethlehem letting Obama know just what he thinks of him...

(Associated Press)

... After which Obama was treated to some true Middle-Eastern hospitality, otherwise known as shoe throwing…

(Associated Press)

… Before hostilities were rounded off with some classic Nazi jibes. After all, what is a demonstration without a few swastikas? 

(Associated Press)

… Oh, and banners of the President were eventually set alight. Which is a nice touch.

I would wish the President good luck, but he surely won't need it with this friendly, peaceful bunch.

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