Abbas honours 'Mother of Martyrs' ahead of Obama visit

Obama may have a tricky trip in store for him as Mahmoud Abbas chooses to honour incitement and terror-champion Mariam Farhat for her "sacrifice"

by The Commentator on 19 March 2013 18:28


American President Barack Obama is due to visit Israel and the West Bank this week, with hopes pinned on some kind of resolution between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli leadership over the issues of settlements, incitement and other factors.

But progress will no doubt by hampered by the fact that following the death of the 'mother of martyrs', Mariam Farhat, the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has chosen to honour her with the "medal of sacrifice".

Mariam Farhat shot to notoreity in 2002 after she recorded a farewell video to one of her terrorist sons who went on murder five students in a seminary in a Jewish settlement.

Farhat said of the incident: “One of the best days of my life was when Mohammad [her son] possessed a weapon and brought it to me to make me happy.” She is known to have substantial and long-standing links with the terrorist outfit Hamas.

The news also comes shortly after the European Union announced a new seven-million-euro aid programme based on a "shared commitment to deepen our bilateral relations and strengthen our privileged partnership" - said Europe's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton.

Ashton commented that the relationship between the Palestinian territories and the EU was based on a commitment to a “Palestinian state,” sustainable economic development, fiscal consolidation and "enhancing social cohesion throughout Palestine."

The Obama administration will likely come under pressure to denounce the honour and take heed of the fact that the presumed 'peace partner' in the Palestinian Authority continues to glorify and honour terrorists. A “condolences house” was erected at Abbas’ office in the West Bank, according to an independent translation of the reports.

Obama is due to land in Tel Aviv on Wednesday for a series of meetings and public appearances with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The US president will then travel to the West Bank on Thursday where Abbas will likely accompany him.

During his session with Abbas, Obama is expected to “reaffirm our support for both Palestinian aspirations for a two state solution, but also the important institution building the Palestinian Authority is doing in the West Bank,” according to Deputy White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.

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