Daily Mail corrects socialism/Nazism article after Press Complaints Commission intervention

The story of Dr. Rachel Frosh rose to the fore after the Daily Mail covered the story in an extremely questionable manner. The article has now been amended

by The Commentator on 20 March 2013 11:40


On the day after the British government opted to shackle the free press, the effectiveness of the pre-existing Press Complaints Commission and necessity of a free media has been highlighted by a story that The Commentator exclusively led on earlier this year.

Dr. Rachel Frosh resigned her police post and was suspended from the Conservative Party's candidate list after retweeting a message on Twitter that drew attention to the origins of Nazism - linking it to socialism rather than the far right.

Following interventions from The Commentator and various other activists, Dr. Frosh was reinstated by Conservative HQ, and in another victory, the Daily Mail has now agreed to amend its previously flawed reporting on the issue.

The headline of the article, as well as various references throughout, have been amended following correspondence to the Press Complaints Commission. The article now highlights Frosh's position as well as her track record in campaigning for human rights. 


Dr. Frosh told The Commentator exclusively: "I was very impressed by the way the PCC and Daily Mail considered my case in a timely and courteous way. They were reasonable and the Mail have made reasonable adjustments to their article that was a better reflection of the facts. This is further proof that existing processes should work, and there is no reason to risk the freedom of the press with regulation. The key issues from Leveson of phone hacking and harrassment was illegal anyway.

She continued: "I would like to thank the Commentator and other online publications for their support and for being the first to publish all the facts. Their freedom to publish freely also needs to be protected."

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