Blaming the US for 9/11 in the Lone Star State

Was the US to blame for 9/11? Yes, according to this lesson plan being taught in a Texan high school

by Dane Vallejo on 22 March 2013 13:15

Of all the countries that make up what is commonly referred to as ‘the West’, you might expect America to be one of the last to give in to self-loathing. More specifically, of all the states that make up the federation, you might pick Texas as one of the last-standing champions of ‘American exceptionalism’, making light work of 'liberal' outposts on either seaboard.

You might be surprised to learn then that the test shown below was taken by fifth-grade students at the Flour Bluff High School in the Lone Star State.

Take a look at question three. If you were sitting the test, you might be tempted to opt for C, however simplified it may be, as the best out of a limited range of answers.

Of course, you know where this is going, and yes, the ‘correct’ answer is: B. Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.

Clearly, such a question is ill-suited to a multiple choice format, making it impossible to tackle the myriad nuances implicated.

But then this is the problem; why is this particular syllabus so keen to make the issue an open and shut case?

A look at the organisation behind the lesson plan is telling with the Blaze reporting that it is part of the CSCOPE curriculum system which “includes lessons asking students to design a flag for a ‘new socialist nation’”.

Well there you go then. The long march through the institutions continues apace…

 (H/T The Blaze)

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