BIAS ALERT: BBC issues disclaimer over IDF footage

Just a few hours ago we were laughing about BBC bias... now we're not so sure we can keep laughing...

by Media Hawk on 22 March 2013 23:01

It's amazing that only earlier today we were commenting on how ludicrous the petition that claims the BBC is biased in favour of Israel is. Just a few hours later, Britain's state broadcaster is caught with its pants down again.

Many of you will remember the time the BBC News used terrorist propaganda, apparently unbeknownst to them, to show the 'carnage' in Gaza during the Pillar of Defense operation last year. Remind yourself here.

At the time, no warning labels came with the package, which ran on BBC News as fact, despite journalists no doubt having prior knowledge of where the footage came from.

Why then, on the BBC's latest news story on the Israeli apology over the flotilla deaths, has the 'news' organisation cautioned its viewers over the content containing Israel Defence Force [sic] footage?

Is Israeli footage somehow less reliable? Can you spin the fact that soldiers were attacked with batons and stun grenades? Are IDF recordings due more scrutiny than Pallywood propaganda? Talk about apartheid...

Have a look for yourself (the arrows are ours):

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