Jim Carrey launches into anti-gun tirade on Twitter, releases song

Jim Carrey has the answers for everyone on gun control. Apparently it's, "compassionate compromise" - whatever that means?

by Phoenix on 25 March 2013 00:10

Another Hollywood celebrity has jumped the shark in the great gun control debate that courses through America's veins.

Today, none other than veteran comic (and coincidentally, star of Dumb and Dumber) Jim Carrey began his tirade to his 10,000,000+ Twitter followers, "Some ppl hate when i talk about guns so I decided to sing about it! Check out COLD DEAD HAND 12:01 AM Monday on Funny Or Die and itunes! ;^P"


Some have already argued that Carrey using the issue of gun control to re-ignite his comedy career and fuel the commercial 'Funny or Die' series is less than sensitive to the victims of the recent gun crimes that have plagued the US. However, when challenged, Carrey continued, "How abt developing more non-lethal forms of selfdefense?Too sensible?!"

When confronted by a various many gun owners and political pundits on Twitter, Carrey seemed unable to answer some simple points. Like why does he have armed guards, but the rest of Americans should hand their guns over?

Finally, when stumped himself, Carrey ended with, "I'd like to respond to all the conservative bundits out there personally but I'm far too busy NOT stumping for the gun companies!"

He promises to release a song at midnight tonight (presumably Eastern Time), which we'll update you with in the morning.


This is supposed to be funny?

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