Westminster's climate change clash of heads...

GWPF's Lord Lawson is to meet with the Royal Society after the two exchanged e-mails over their respective positions on climate change

by The Green Goblin on 25 March 2013 12:31

After the Royal Society's Sir Paul Nurse (believer) attacked Global Warming Policy Foundation's Lord Lawson (sceptic), the latter took issue, penning this letter slamming the President of the organisation, stating: 

"...I hope that, on reflection, you will recognise that there should be a difference between the behaviour appropriate to a President of the Royal Society and acting as a shop steward for some kind of scientists’ closed shop.  Not to do so can only bring the Royal Society into further disrepute, which cannot be in the public interest."

Nurse shot back, but in typical form for the green (or anti-growth) lobby, he responds: 

"It does not help that you will not reveal who funds the GWPF... If you do not reveal who is funding the Foundation then it will be assumed that you are acting primarily as a lobby group, which diminishes your credibility and ability to influence the debate."

Big words from a man who relies on government grants for almost two-thirds of his organisation's income. Nurse continues with a snide jab at GWPF's experts: 

"...I would be happy to put you in touch with people who can offer the Foundation informed scientific advice, should you wish, so you can participate more constructively and in a more informed way in this important debate."

But now Lord Lawson has agreed to the meeting, in which Nurse will likely have to stump up some of his 'best' climate scientists in order to deflect the scrutiny of the GWPF - scrutiny which we well know the climate lobby despises. 

Lastly, in a blaze of glory, Lawson remarks: 

"...you somewhat disreputably echo our most malcious opponents in writing that "If you do not reveal who is funding the Foundation then it will be assumed that you are acting primarily as a lobby group". You do not state in whose interest we might be thought to be lobbying, but I assume you have in mind the fossil fuel industry. I have made clear right from the start (and it is published on our website) that we do not accept donations from the energy industry or from anyone with a significant interest in the energy industry. This is monitored by our Board of Trustees, who include, in addition to me, a Bishop of the Church of England, a former Private Secretary to the Queen, and a former Head of the Civil Service. Are you seriously suggesting that we are all engaged in some kind of mendacious conspiracy?"

Oh to be a fly on the wall... 

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