"Straight from the streets" Afriyie won't stop his PR campaign

Adam Afriyie, Member of Parliament for Windsor, was recently thought to be mounting a leadership bid against David Cameron - and he doesn't seem to be backing off

by The Commentator on 25 March 2013 13:11


Despite the rumours and ongoing mockery of Tory MP Adam Afriyie, it appears the man is doubling down in his public relations operation to have himself declared the 'heir to Cameron'.

After 'stalking horse' rumours earlier this year, Afriyie told the BBC that he had "no leadership intentions" - a sure sign for anyone in politics that the man does indeed have leadership intentions.

After a various many interventions, including most recently one at George Osborne's expense, Afriyie is now the subject of  April's Total Politics magazine interview which begins, “I’m in straight from the streets".

He meant from the Eastleigh by-election, rather from Peckham, where he grew up.

Reinforcing what he told the BBC, Afriyie tells Total Politics, "David Cameron is PM and he’s doing a good job in incredibly difficult circumstances. I think he’ll go on to be a great PM, and we’ll go on to win the next election.”

But that doesn't explain his increased media profile, and the rumours in and around Westminster that the man is actively pursuing allies. 

Afriyie also still maintains some choice criticisms for his party under Cameron, stating, “As a party, we’ve never been great at communicating why we are doing things we are doing. We often talk about the mechanisms for achieving something, whether that is reducing taxation or reforming education, but we very rarely talk about our motives..."

Recently, the Member of Parliament for Windsor has been outlining out his proposals on how to deliver growth in a series of newspaper articles, many of which have either been overtly critical of his party's current policies or failure to address key problems, one of which he feels is National Insurance - though he won't give any further details on how in practice the tax could be cut.

Read the full interview with Total Politics here

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