Eddie Izzard claims, "I'll be London Mayor"

Comedian and sometime actor Eddie Izzard has revealed to The Sun that he wants to be the next London Mayor

by The Commentator on 26 March 2013 12:07


Eddie Izzard, known for being a prominent face for the Labour party and the unions, has declared his interest in becoming a next London Mayor.


Izzard told TV Biz: “I’m going to chuck in comedy in six years to go into politics. I’ve proved I can be determined and do things in a different way. And you need comedy in politics. There are lots of decisions to be made and people get bored talking about things that are only slightly different.

“It’s very dry so you need comedy to make it palatable.”

He also said he would rather grab people’s attention with his tours than with hellraising behaviour.

He said: “You can get people’s attention by doing huge tours and I’d rather do that than throw a TV out of a window.

“You do that and you’re a rebel. But then you have no telly and a hole in your window. And if you play gigs you earn money, which is good for someone who wants to run for Mayor.”

Izzard was previously touted as a prospective Labour candidate before Ken Livingstone was appointed for the 2012 race. He has featured heavily in Labour party broadcasts and endorsements, even writing a "My Week With Ken" column for the Huffington Post in an attempt to help Livingstone get elected.

Izzard's 'Brilliant Britain' video attracted over 150,000 views on YouTube for the Labour Party's election broadcast.

Izzard has appeared in films such as Ocean's Thirteen, Mystery Men, Valkyrie and Cars 2.

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