EU apparatchiks want to silence The Commentator

Hardly the best advertisement for press regulation...

by on 26 March 2013 23:45

I don't even know where to start.

As if Britain needed any further convincing that Leveson, the Royal Charter and really any form of press regulation are all completely superflous and anathema to our democracy - now EU apparatchiks are weighing in to the debate, expressing their wishes for The Commentator to be regulated.

Can you say, "LOL"? (You can, but only up until they gag you).

Evidently discontent with our piece on how Sweden doesn't want to be regulated either, albeit in another industry, Monika Kosinska the 'Secretary General' of European Public Health Alliance recently tweeted the following:

Despite not actually saying what is and what isn't "utter b*llshit" about the article, it's incredibly enlightening to note that the Secretary General of an EU organisation like the EPHA jumps not to writing a response, not to asking us questions, not to clarifying her position or interpretation of the law, but in fact to regulation of the free press.

Well Monika, sadly for you, The Commentator will never be regulated, no matter how much you and your pals lobby for it. In fact, I'm pretty sure upon reading this, our readers will CLICK HERE and voluntarily donate to The Commentator, as opposed to being coerced into paying your salary through taxes.

One thing that did make me laugh is when I looked into Monika's background, I came across a blog post by her from earlier this year. She writes about an event she was attending: "Was challenged by the moderator, who unexpectedly suggested I was propagating a return to communism..."

Really, Monika? You? Propagating a return to communism?

Say it ain't so... 

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