Three more councillors defect to Ukip in North Yorkshire

Three more councillors have defected to Ukip in North Yorkshire, after yesterday's rumours that the Tory party had lost control of Lewes District Council

by The Commentator on 27 March 2013 16:47


Three more sitting councillors have defected to UKIP today, it has been announced.

The Northern Echo reports the trio consist of former Conservative Stephanie Todd, and independents Sam Cross and Mick Jay-Hanmer – who will stand in May’s county council elections in North Yorkshire.

Todd, a 52-year-old single mum and self-employed florist, announced her decision today at a press conference in Scarborough. 

She said: “I want to be part of a party which is supporting this country and its people. And a Party which actually listens to the people and takes notice of their concerns.”

Meanwhile, the Echo reports that Mr Taylor, who lives in Scarborough, said: “I am sick to the back teeth of what is happening to my fantastic country, seeing it being ground down.

“I was a Conservative supporter and have donated money to them but I now believe they are out of touch with people.”

Today's news follows rumours circulated yesterday which suggested another Conservative councillor in East Sussex has defected to UKIP, therefore creating a situation in which the Tory party loses control of Lewes District Council in the south of England.

The moves come in the week that both Nick Clegg and David Cameron attempted to shut down the biggest UKIP vote winner: the immigration debate.

Meanwhile, the latest YouGov poll reveals that one in four still see Ukip as the party most trusted to deal with immigration.

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