Hamas and human organ trafficking?

New information by one CNN journalist raises some highly uncomfortable questions for those who want to 'deal with Hamas'

by Media Hawk on 28 March 2013 13:48

Whoever has Baroness Jenny Tonge's phone number, you might want to drop her a quick text message.

Of course, it has been reported for many years that Hamas has some level of involvement in human trafficking and the organ trade in the Sinai. This information comes while it is Tonge's insistence that it is indeed the Israeli Defense Forces that are organ harvesting in Haiti. 

But now, a report which was apparently written by a reputable CNN journalist is asking more questions about Hamas, its allies and what exactly is going on in the desert adjacent to Gaza. Money Jihad blog reports: 

Sudanese and East African flesh peddlers aligned with Hamas terrorists are ransoming captives and engaging in the trade of human organs to buy weapons for jihad.  This information does not come from right-wing Cassandras, but from CNN’s own correspondent in Berlin, Frederik Pleitgen.

The wages of this shameful trade are $35 million annually, says Pleitgen, in a completely overlooked but significant piece entitled “Human trafficking in the Sinai: to fight it we need to know it,” last month on the human rights webpage EveryOne.  Here are some of his most salient points:

Read Pleitgen’s full piece here, and earlier Money Jihad coverage on this subject here. Thanks to Twitter user @meankitteh1 for suggesting fresh coverage of the role of human trafficking in financing terrorism.

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