The BBC would like to make it aware to viewers that other political leanings are available…

The musings of a 25-year-old licence-fee-payer in Britain. How are more people not opting out?

by Andrew McLean on 28 March 2013 14:20

It is no secret that the BBC has been keeling leftwards for sometime, but the manner in which this bias is now presenting itself leaves a taste in the mouth as bitter as Mr Mair’s attack on Boris Johnson.

It would be easy to pass my comments off as the diatribe of an antiquated complainer, with enough spare time to write endlessly to the BBC, or the my local council, or MP, or MSP, or MEP…but the truth is I am a 25 year old license fee payer in full-time employment, feeling rather irked by Auntie’s left-wing agenda.

Lady Thatcher and Norman Tebbit both opined that they fought elections against the BBC as much as they did other political parties, but at in bygone years the fight was far less brazen, the Beeb being more MI5 than B52.

Eddie Mair’s Sunday morning assault on the Mayor or London was the lowest form of journalism and trickery, leaving Mr Mair looking more of a buffoon than his intended target. Yet, do we now expect any less of our national broadcaster? One need only tune into the Today programme to hear Mair’s colleague Humphrey’s bounds after his guests and experts with the vigour of a dog in heat, whilst on Radio 2 Jeremy Vine does his very best impression of a political heavyweight for two hours each lunchtime.

For a truly comedic/infuriating talk-radio moment, I implore you to find Jeremy’s discussion on the appointment of Justin Welby as the new Archbishop. Every sentence is punctuated with the idea that Welby’s previous career in the oil industry made him possibly, sort-of, maybe, responsible for numerous atrocities across the globe (it is not that preposterous, he is probably personally responsible for global warming too).

Thankfully we are provided with a more rounded view of Justin the man, as Jeremy talks (impartially you understand) to those who have met him. Why not ask someone who happens to walk their dog in the same park as Welby if his dog’s tail is docked (because only an evil, right wing, capital-loving oil baron would commit such a heinous act)?

Ah, I see, you failed to notice whether or not the dog’s tail was docked, understandable. Well maybe he tried to convert you to Christianity as you cleaned up after your faithful hound (because converting the great unwashed whilst in the park is exactly the sort of thing a right wing, tail docking, oil loving, evangelical would do)? Oh, I see, you just spoke about the park and your dog. Interesting.

Vine’s vitriolic attack on those with a right of centre leaning is a daily occurrence, and if bored in the car, a fun game is to count how many times he mentions bankers’ bonuses, Eton College, and out of touch conservatives.

It is not all hard hitting politics though. If like me you are a fan of comedy you can always tune into hear the jokes of Mark Steel, Sandi Toksvig, Jeremy Hardy, Phil Jupitus, Paul Merton, the Now Show, the News Quiz… wait a minute.

The BBC is our national broadcaster, paid for by us, watched by us, enjoyed by…well enjoyed by some I’m sure.

There is no doubt it excels in documentary making, original drama other such avenues, but it is not there to provide such an imbalanced view of the wider political landscape. Allow the people to make up their own minds. Allow Boris to fall into a pit by himself, do not throw him in. Let people decide for themselves whether or not Justin Welby has the right tools to be a successful Archbishop (I’m not sure what the tools are exactly, but they definitely exist).

It is not just a question of left-wing bias, it is just damn shoddy journalism, and the Beeb should be ashamed.

Hopefully the new Director of Strategy, James Purnell, can steady the ship and ensure some impartiality…hang on a second!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to eat a fox and watch Top Gear.

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