What would your town slogan be?

Redditors have been exchanging opinions on what their towns' slogans should be, to my great amusement...

by iReddit, Did You? on 28 March 2013 15:40

One thing you can honestly say about social networking site Reddit, is that the contributors are often puerile, dark and self-loathing. And what great fun that creates!

Wherever you are in the world, let us know what you think your town's slogan should be. Drop it into the comments section below!

Here is the best of what Redditors had to say about where they live:

Rotherham: "Come for our market, stay because someone stole your car" (Temujin1210)

Sheffield: "Actually not as grim as you think." or possibly "We're in Yorkshire, honest!" (by n3hima)

Bristol: "F**king Bristol" (by 916CALLTURK)

London: "STAND ON THE BLOODY RIGHT" (by UtterBastard)

Hull: "Standing with our back to the rest of the country" (by tangofish)

Coventry: "The Luftwaffe nearly succeeded" (by NooKat)

Kenilworth: "Thank f*ck we're not Coventry (wallenstein3d)

Leamington Spa: "Look, not everyone can be Kenilworth" (by interfail)

Slough: "It's what rear view mirrors were invented for" (by hyundai_cakes)

Southampton: "Where the Titanic set sail... and look how that went" (8thTimeLucky)

The riding of East Yorkshire: "It's that slight ponciness which makes proper Yorkshire hate you" (by bigmanlythreesome)

Worthing: "Make a U-turn when possible" (by heffalump232)

Biggleswade: "You're lost aren't you?" (by Xuth)

Bradford: "Like Leeds but shitter" (andy715)

Newcastle: "Eeee areet marra, make ya sel at home n why aye lyke" (davie18)

Port Talbot: "Twinned with Chernobyl" (by RaoulDuke0)

Nottingham: "You brought a knife to this gun fight, didn't you?" (by StuHardy)

Drop yours in the comments section below!

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