Why does the UK fear Bulgarians?

Many arguments are heard for and against the impending ascension of Bulgaria to the Schengen agreement. Now hear a Bulgarian's side...

by Sue Denim on 31 March 2013 11:16

The debate over Bulgaria, Romania and their respective Schengen ascensions will no doubt hot-up over the next few months. Both countries are likely to enter the EU's common visa zone early next year, and already in Britain, fears are high over the 'wave' of immigration expected as a result.

Reading a short note by one Bulgarian, Iliya Kalchev, written for the Novinite website, allows us a perspective that we aren't often privy to in the UK. It's not exactly detailed, nor is it convincing as far as I am concerned, but for what it is - a few notes - it does make you want to go away and do further research. And that's exactly what I'm off to do...

"Misery... people literally set themselves on fire in their desperation...

At least a third of Bulgarians are unemployed, the country tops statistics for death-rates, corruption, poverty, misery, illiteracy, media dependency...

Well done, rulers of Bulgaria's democratic transition!

And now, it seems, we are one of the most unwelcome Europeans, after authorities in the United Kingdom implied they want nothing in common with our problems.

No country wants a wave of poor immigrants, living on social benefits, but who are the British so afraid of?

Of the gypsies, who do not speak any foreign language and would be rejected by any society?

Of the pensioners, who are down on their knees from poverty, let alone move to live abroad?

Of 2 million emigrants, who have already settled abroad?

The people left are a small bunch, determined to change Bulgaria for good, and workers, ready to take up dirty jobs in Western Europe.

Is it us they are scared of?

A simple test in English language proficiency would easily sieve out, who has an honest reason for moving to the UK and who doesn't.

Why are they treating us like second-hand people and when will this attitude stop?"

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