Awkward anti-Semitism rears head again in UKIP

UKIP supporter and "parish councillor" by the name of "Edward Ludd" says Jews are "all-powerful" in United States

by Media Hawk on 31 March 2013 16:45

After a public discussion on Twitter about nuclear detterence and Iran, an outspoken UKIP supporter has claimed that Israel has nuclear weapons because, "Jews are all powerful in US mate. They helped their own no doubt." 

Though Edward Ludd seems supportive of Israel having nuclear weapons, he claims the that State of Israel only has them due to "Jewish power" - a well known anti-Semitic slur backed up by the EUMC Working Definition on Anti-Semitism.

Ludd had to be corrected by Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman Gareth Shanks, who is known himself for anti-Israel comments and likening the Palestinian people to those who suffered in the Holocaust.

Shanks replied to Ludd, "That's Crazy." Followed by, "Theres no Jewish conspiracy to run the US etc etc. + Jews dont automatically support Israel."

Ludd responded, "I agree,just a huge Jewish population and many Jews involved in politics over there.Why else are they HUGE Israel supporters?!"

Ludd claims to have defected from the Conservative party to UKIP earlier this year. He tweeted on March 11th, "Been a Tory branch committee member and Parish councillor for over 15 years, but its UKIP for me now."

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